Buy a $35.00 Admission Pass for only $17.50

Buy a $35.00 Admission Pass for only $17.50







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Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride, Now Featuring 4 Terrifying Attractions!


What lies within the realm of Reaper's Forest? Do you have what it takes to brave a haunted hayride, a dark forest, a pitch-black maze, and the zombie apocalypse? Venture into Reaper's Revenge Haunted Attraction in Scranton, PA, a 60-acre haunt featuring four terrifying attractions and more than 90 minutes of scare time!


Board the Haunted Hayride to begin your journey into the woods, but don't get too comfortable – you'll have to leave the safety of the wagon to enter the Lost Carnival, filled with the souls of sideshow freaks and deranged midway clowns. Make your way through the Tunnel of Love and venture next into Pitch Black, an indoor maze where you are robbed of your sight. Use your sixth sense to make it to the end, but be prepared, because the outside world isn't the same as when you first entered. Out in the moonlit post-apocalyptic wasteland is Sector 13, a horrifying maze populated by the ones who weren't as lucky as you.


Pennsylvania's Reaper's Revenge is a terrifying treat for locals, and close enough for a visit from New York or New Jersey.  Voted America's Best Haunted Attraction, Reaper's Revenge is four haunts in one, combining a haunted hayride, dark forest walkthrough, pitch-black indoor walkthrough, and zombie maze. Test your fate at Reaper's Revenge Haunted Attraction!


Haunted Hayride


Begin your journey into 60 acres of dark trails and darker creatures by climbing aboard this tractor-pulled hay wagon. All may seem safe at first with your fellow passengers, but you're in for the longest, scariest time of your life. As you venture deeper and deeper into the Realm of Reaper's Forest, be ready for what waits for you in the darkness: the Reaper's own soul-searching creatures and bloodthirsty zombies are lurking at every twist and turn, finding delight in discovering your inner fears. Prepare yourself for the most horrifying ride of your life – it may be your last!


Lost Carnival


If you survive the Haunted Hayride, make your way next to the Lost Carnival – a sideshow populated by the souls of freaks, clowns, and other oddities. But this is no fun day at the circus: the inhabitants of the Lost Carnival are deranged and demented, and they're waiting for you … their audience for their encore performance. If you're lucky, you may reach the Tunnel of Love to make your escape. But what will you find on the other side?


Pitch Black


Having escaped the Lost Carnival, you exit the Tunnel of Love and see … nothing. Lost in a pitch-black maze and robbed of your sight, you must rely on your sixth sense to find your way out. But sometimes the most terrifying things are those we can't see. What waits for you in the darkness … and what will you see when you emerge?


Pitch Black is the third stage of your journey through Reaper's Revenge Haunted Attraction, a four-haunt experience that begins with a haunted hayride and dark forest walkthrough and culminates in a zombie maze. Voted America's Best Haunted Attraction, Reaper's Revenge is ready to terrify Pennsylvania, and is close enough for a visit from New York or New Jersey!


Sector 13


The Eastern half of the United States has suffered a massive bio-nuclear attack. You are among the few survivors to escape the cannibalistic mutants and make it to Sector 13, the last remaining bridge to the relatively “normal Western US. But Sector 13 was made to contain mutants – not provide a quick exit. New terrors await around each corner as you navigate to safety, and not all the inmates can be contained. Will you escape the maze, or find yourself at a dead end? Be careful where you go, because in this high-intensity maze of psychological scares, turning back may not be an option.


Hours: Opens at 6:00 pm every Friday, Saturday & Sunday - September 18 through November 1, 2015.  Close at 1am (no admittance after 11pm) Fridays and Saturdays. Close at  11pm (no admittance after 10pm) Sundays. Haunt is closed on September 20.


Redemption instructions:

  • You must bring printed voucher with you with valid QR code for scanning. Proceed directly into the Haunted attraction to the Hayride Queue line for scanning, do not stop at the Haunt Ticket Booth; redemption via smart-phone not available.
  • You do not have to stop at the ticket booth; proceed directly to the queue line for the Hayride where your voucher will be scanned. Each voucher has one unique code - once scanned, the voucher cannot be reused.



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Reaper's Revenge
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