Purchase a $45 Voucher for only $22.50

Purchase a $45 Voucher for only $22.50







The Aroma Freedom Technique will help you work with releasing negative thought, feelings and memories so that you can achieve your dreams!

What is Aroma Freedom Coaching? It is using an intention that you decide upon as a place to move you to the next part of your journey, in your life, your professional life, in you health. As your coach, you and I, together, will work toward you hearing and focusing on the negative feeling or voice that is holding you back. Then, with the help of the essential oils, move you toward the positive that is within you and help you start to reach your desired goals. This uses the Aroma Freedom Technique that was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, licensed Clinical Psychologist. I am certified, by Dr. Perkus, in the Aroma Freedom Technique, and am a licensed practitioner in that technique.

Coaching, to me is about helping you become stable and grow to where you are desiring to go. I am not a psychotherapist or a counselor. I am not a medical professional, I will not diagnose you. I will help you realize your greatest potential. My hope and desire is to help you improve your outlook on your work and life. Then we can work together to help you unlock your potential. We do that using the aromas of Young Living Essential Oils that help you to unlock the blocks in your way.

Purchase a $45 voucher for only $22.50



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