Buy a $50.00 Voucher for only $12.50

Buy a $50.00 Voucher for only $12.50







Valid towards any class @ Club Bling by Susan Jablon Mosaic's. Please see some of their class descriptions and pricing below. Visit their website for a schedule and compelte details.


At Club Bling we play, create, and make friends. We mosaic bowling balls, tea pots, trivets, flower pots, and house numbers. We mosaic garden rocks, birdbaths, and do large scale volunteer community mosaic projects. We learn mosaics so that as an incredibly diverse group of people we can put the Bling back in Bing! We are young and old, male and female, child and adult. We are a girls night out crew, a Saturday night date night crowd. We are birthday parties and home schoolers, scouts and teens, anyone wanting to experience the joy of creativity is who we are. And we have lots and lots of fun!


Can't draw a straight line? Perfect! Haven't drawn a squiggle since kindergarten? Excellent! Live in fear of making a bad Christmas Tree cut out? Welcome! Learning mosaics will be the most successful artistic adventure you have ever experienced. There are no rules, no right or wrong, no judgment. A mosaic is truly the most magical of all artistic experience, and we cannot wait to show you how!


Collage Mosaics:


Students can bring in their own collage materials or use our materials here. Materials include magazines, newspapers, tissue papers, decorative papers, fabrics, pictures, negatives and much more! Once the piece is fully collaged, we then mosaic the collage in clear or colored clear glass so the image can be seen behind the mosaic. SO MUCH FUN! A great gift idea to personalize with your own photos to create a life long photo capsule. 4 sessions $100. Ongoing every Monday.


Mosaics 101:


Choose from our 1000's of glass, stone, mirror, handmade and bling tiles and we will teach you the ancient yet deliciously simple art of mosaics. The first class is a mirror or a flat piece of your choice and the 2nd project is a flower pot or something round. Students are then free to bring in their own projects of their choice and work on them as they please. Students will learn to grout their pieces and be amazed by how beautiful their mosaics are! Great show off pieces! 4 sessions. $100 every Tuesday and Saturday


Gift Making:


Perfect for the holidays. Students can come and work on a series of gifts at their leisure. Choose from the gifts we have selected for the class, like a wine bottle holder, coasters and a mirror or bring your own! No experience necessary! Every Wednesday in November and December. 6-9. Students can pay per hour or per session. $12.50 an hour or $30 a session. 4 sessions for $100. This price includes one pre selected gift per session.


Mosaic a bowling ball:


In this class students will learn the challenge of mosaicing and grouting something round, but also re-purposed. Bowling ball is provided. Perfect for your garden! You will amaze your friends and neighbors! 4 classes 2 hours  $100




Make beautiful garden containers that will last for years. Completely weatherproof, these artificial stone pots work indoors or out, 365 days a year. This light stonelike texture is made from a mix of cement, peat moss and sand and we create the forms out of sand. Re-create zen garden ornaments and funky homemade pots for your garden or home. A true hippy art. A great addiction.  1 3 hr class. $30


Astrology 101:


Dive into the ancient art of astrology and be blown away by the tried and true phenomenon of the planets. Using your own birth chart as a guide, learn about the basics of astrology. Each birth chart is a planetary blueprint to your soul and personality. In addition to learning about your own, you can also apply the information to your friends and family. Discover how astrology already affects your life and how you can use it to your advantage. The instructor will contact students prior to class for birth time, date and place. Please be prepared with this information. 4 2 hr sessions $100




A collage class with soul! Use the art of collage to create personal and symbolic art using found paper art in magazines, newspapers, books, pictures or online. Create a visual photo journal or a project of your choice our wonderful collection of collage materials and of course please feel free to bring your own! A truly freeing and deepening experience. 4 classes. 2 hours $100.


Mosaic Therapy:


Come on over and break something! Bring in those plates with chips, old ceramics you dont know what to do with, or pick from ours! We will teach you the art of carefully (or not so carefully) smashing glass objects and re-arranging them to re-create the piece or to create a completely different piece altogether. A true art therapy! You wont be disappointed! 4 2 hour sessions. $100


Pattern Sewing with Leslie:


It's easy to learn the basics of sewing by following a simple pattern. Bring a sewing pattern labeled 'EASY' or 'BASIC', fabric, and a basic sewing kit with fabric scissors, paper scissors, and pins to the first class. Each manufactured pattern lists the necessary materials to complete the project, and someone at the fabric store can help you to follow the list. *A sewing machine is provided to share, but bringing your own machine is encouraged.


12-3pm Saturdays, ongoing.


4 classes. 3 hrs each $180


Paper Mache with Leslie:


Oversized heads, giant puppets, tails, claws, spikes, whatever you want! Learn how to sculpt cardboard, or start with a clay mold, and make strong paper mache forms! An easy skill to bring home without expensive equipment or materials!


2-5pm Wednesdays, ongoing.


4 classes. 3 hrs each $180


Open Sewing Session with Leslie:


Dream up your own sewing project and be coached through the process from conception to completion by a professional seamstress and costumer!


5-8pm Thursdays, ongoing.


4 classes. 3 hrs each $180


Bookmaking & Papermaking with Leslie: 


Learn basic and advanced bookbinding stitches, sculptural bookmaking techniques, explore the book as an art object, and more! Learn to make basic and mixed-media paper in sheets, and how to cast paper pulp as a textured sheet or sculptural object with embedded materials!


5:30-8:30pm November 19th – December 10th


4 classes. 3 hrs each $180 plus $10 materials fee


Junk Jewelry with Sophia


Intensive Show Mosaics:


Susan Jablon Mosaics is the only place in the WORLD to take this class! In this class students are welcome to bring in their own high heels, boots or sneakers for an intensive shoe mosaicing class. And YES! The shoes are wearable! This is a time consuming project as we have to work with small pieces of mosaics.  This also includes an open studio membership for the month so you are free to come in and work on your shoes at your own convenience outside of the scheduled class time. Your friends and strangers will be so jealous.


5 2hr classes at $200 plus as much open studio time as needed at no extra cost.


Stained Glass Mosaics:


In this class students combine  tools of mosaics with the beauty of stained glass to create a stained glass a beautiful stained glass mosaic. Students can choose between a mirror or a tray.


$75  3 2hr classes.


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